You ready to hear the most amazing story! Sweet baby Jameson is a bonus baby, like the ultimate bonus baby. God sent him to this sweet family 18 years after his older sister was born. That's right!... There is an 18 year age gap between child 2 and 3!! How fun is that!  He was a completely unexpected happy surprise.  God bless his angel mother. ​​​​​​​
I've known his family for several years. I love and adore them! I remember finding out his mom was pregnant and thinking what a beautiful blessing that was! My husband and I were talking about it later on (before we knew the baby was going to be a boy )and we both agreed that we really wanted it to be a wild and energetic boy! They needed a wild and energetic boy! Let me explain.... I have sat near this sweet family for years at church. Their two oldest daughters are absolutely the sweetest girls you will ever meet. In fact I'm pretty sure no one ever yells at their house... they are just prefect all the time. World travelers, champion swimmers, and excellent spellers. Their family is perfect! They watched me go from a newlywed to a mom of 2 wild and energetic boys. One toddler crawling over and under the pew, the baby screaming cause its time's time to eat and he gets HANGRY. Haha so as much as we love and adore their family, Chris and I agreed they needed a lively, energetic, wild boy to help keep them young.   
Time will tell if he is wild and energetic but right now he is just a snugly, cute newborn.  Jameson is seriously the most loved and adored baby ever. With a doting mom and dad who thought their newborn days were long gone plus 2 "mini moms" he isn't lacking for attention. He is a huge cuddler and it's easy to see why, so many willing participants! He has everyone wrapped around his adorable finger.
When I asked his beautiful mom what the difference was in doing it all over again after so long she responded that she was just tired. Yes, all parents of newborns are tired but she was REALLY tired, way more tired than she remembered with the older 2. Then she added that everything was also just a tad sweeter this time around, and they were also more relaxed. They are treasuring every second and aren't sweating the small stuff.  Welcome to the world Jameson!
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