It's hard to believe that this beautiful mama to be is about to have baby #4! She is absolutely radiant! I definitely never looked that good pregnant (think more short, swollen whale. 😜 not tall, beautiful Amazon.) Charcie was such a trooper during this winter maternity session too! You'd never know that it was FREEZING outside, and I mean FREEZING! But it never bothered her. 
She knew she wanted pictures in the snow which while beautiful is hard to plan for, because well, you never know when its going to snow. To make things even more complicated Rhode Island had a really mild winter this year and barely any snow. The last few years we had snow storm after snow storm after snow storm but not this year. Go figure. So when it started snowing I called her up and was like its now or never! haha 30 minutes later we were in her backyard taking these! It was the perfect set up to because her other kids were able to be nice and warm inside while we snapped a few shots and then they were able to come out for a bit and join us. 
It was so fun watching her kiddos interact with their little brother feeling him kick and talking to him. They are so excited to meet him and he is one lucky little guy to be born into this loving family! 2 big sisters to watch out over him and an older brother to get into mischief with! Ben is also the world's best dad! I know Dads don't normally get much of the love at maternity sessions, since the focus is on the bump but he is awesome and deserves a shout out. 
Charcie you are a beautiful mother both inside and out! I have loved getting to know you family and can't wait to see what the future holds! My guess is that this little guy comes out with a head full of hair and lots of energy!
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